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botanical-inspired air-dry clay coaster

How to Make Botanical-Inspired Air-Dry Clay Coasters

Create a set of botanical-inspired clay coasters using air-dry clay and leaves! These are so quick and easy to make and are the perfect gift for any occasion. Add a gold accent to make the coaster elegant and sophisticated finish. Read on below to find out how it’s done…

Clay Coasters

Coasters are one of the easiest and common projects to make using air-dry clay. You can design it in so many ways. Inspirations are just around, like the leaves I used in this DIY.

You can use any type of clay you want for this DIY clay coaster. For this project, I’m using DAS modelling clay

DAS Modelling Clay

But if this is not available, you can make air-dry clay by following our simple recipes. There are two versions: cooked air-dry clay and the other one is no-cooked air dry clay

How to Make Clay Coasters

Watch the video on how to make it. But if you prefer to read written instructions, please scroll down.

You’ll need:

DAS Modelling Clay
2 Wooden Dowell
Rolling Pin or Empty Bottle
Paint Brush
Acrylic Paint
Gold Metallic Paint or Gold Leafing Pen
Round Cookie Cutter 


1. Roll out the air dry clay using a rolling pin or an empty bottle. Also, try to roll and turn the clay so that it won’t stick to the surface.

Use a wooden dowel to level the thickness as you roll the clay. 

Roll Air-Dry Clay

2. Choose a leaf and place it on top of the clay. The harder the veins the better. Then use the rolling pin or bottle to roll over to imprint the veins of the leaf.  

leaf Imprint on Clay

3. Remove the leaf and cut the clay using a cookie cutter.

Cut air-dry clay using a cookie cutter

You can also create a shape and cut the clay using a knife.

4. Let the clay dry before painting it. The thickness of the clay for this DIY is about 1/8 inch thick and the drying time took 2-3 days.

Once dried, sand the rough edges of the clay and use a soft brush to remove debris.

air-dry clay coaster

5. Then paint the coasters where the leaf is imprinted. I mixed red, blue, and yellow acrylic paints to achieve that deep forest green color.  

paint clay coaster

6. Accent the coaster by painting the side with a gold leaf metallic lustre or gold leafing pen. 

add gold accent on air-dry clay coaster

I use gold leaf when I recorded the video because it’s the only available material that I have. I had a hard time covering the side of the coasters. Some areas were not covered perfectly, so I have to redo the leafing process.

I didn’t use a sealer on the coaster. But I advised to seal it to protect the clay coaster from any spillage of drinks.

botanical-inspired air-dry clay coaster

I’m pretty pleased with how these botanical-inspired air-dry clay coasters turned out. The pop of the forest green color against the white background and gold accents make these coasters look elegant. What do you think?

How to make clay coaster

You can also make a similar project by turning it into a ring dish. Instead of having a flat shape, use a bowl to curve the clay.



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