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abstract painting easter egg

Abstract Painting Easter Eggs

Give kids paints and eggs and surely they’ll create an
abstract painting Easter eggs that you will adore.


abstract painting easter egg

Aira’s Sunday Funday activity was painting eggs. I know she was excited about this because of …EGG!!!! What else? She’s been eyeing my collections of egg for so long and finally had the chance to hold it with her little clumsy hands.

Last year, I decorated some eggs but I didn’t let her touch until Easter Monday. She was two then and I know she can’t manage to hold the eggs without breaking them.

So this time I let her do the painting. Clumsy still but managed to paint one.

abstract painting easter egg

I also saved two for myself. LOL… I want to paint the eggs too besides I’m showing her how to do it. Great excuse right? But really I want to do my own abstract painting on egg plus I purchased gold foil that I want to add on it. It’s my first time to use it so insert “eeeekkkk”… because honestly simple things like this make me happy.

How to Prepare Your Eggs

To empty eggs:

  1. You can simply poke a small hole on the end using the tip of the knife or sharp edge. I made a hole about 5mm wide.
  2. On the other end of the eggshell, you can make another small hole using a pin or sharp edge of the knife. Just be careful not to break the egg. And make it small as much as possible.
  3. Egg whites usually come out first from the bigger hole.
  4. You can also shake the egg or use a toothpick and insert inside the bigger hole to scramble the egg inside. The scrambled eggs will easily slide down out from its shell.
  5. Then wash it with running water and let it dry.

Abstract Painting

The abstract is perfect since we know toddlers don’t really care about realistic figures unless gifted. They can just mess around with the paint and still create a beautiful piece of art.

For our palette, I chose pastel color which suits for spring color. I love the Decoarts Acrylic paints.

pastel palette

I let her use a cheap paint brush from Dollar Store. It’s a cheap but reliable tool that I’ve been using for so long already.

I showed her how I painted my egg. Although she had a hard time holding the egg she was able to manage to paint it. And the outcome was gorgeous. I didn’t expect her to produce beautiful hues of blue to gray out from her unplanned mixing of the palette.

abstract painting easter egg

See, activities like this is not just teaching her paint but also discovering new colors out of the mixture that I can use in my future artworks.

By the way, have an extra sheet of paper when doing this to protect the surface of your furniture. Also, prepare wipes or wet towel to wipe off the paints from your kid’s hand. Aira had paint all over her hands and she wasn’t happy about it.

Adding Gold Foil

While mine is simply streaks of the different pastel color. I also added speckles of gold foil which I bought online.

Let the paint dry first. Then apply glue on the surface of the egg and carefully put the gold foil on it. Let it dry and brush off the excess.

abstract painting easter egg

The gold effect simply adds a glamour look on it.


By the way,  you can check my post of how I decorated the eggs for last year. It’s also simple yet fun to make.

And don’t forget to pin the photo below for your future reference.

abstract painting easter egg

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