Hi! I am Marianne!  And welcome to my creative nook where I share my passion for arts and crafts.

But first, let me share with you a little background about me as an artist…

I can still remember the art I did when I was around three years old. Until now the image of my scribbles using different coloured pens is still vivid in my mind. From the perspective of my very young eyes, it was wonderful and neatly written. And I knew at that time a young artist with a very creative mind was born in me.

Plus it runs in our blood…

My father is good at drawing but he wasn’t able to hone his skills because he was busy looking for money to provide for our needs. But he was there when I needed assistance to make a school project that was beyond my capability.

Mama, on the other hand, is more into arranging flowers. She has the eye of an artist. Just like our father she wasn’t able to show it fully. Besides she loves her teaching job more than being an artist or a crafter. But she is my biggest critic and I value her opinion the most.

I learned the different techniques of drawing and craft ideas from my older sisters and brother. Luckily I have 6, so all of them have shown

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their unique styles that I was able to stitch into my creative memory and that later applied. I can brag that among seven, I’m the best! I am claiming it. LOL…

Well probably because I was the only one who pursues the love of art and I am more exposed to the world of craftsmanship than them. Also as the youngest, I was able to hone my skills as I helped my nieces and nephews on their school projects. Glad I was able to inspire them. They are actually way better than me now. And I am one proud aunt.

But I didn’t graduate with a fine arts degree. I am an ECE by profession,  Electronics and Communications Engineer. But I ended up jumping from one job to another because I cannot find the happiness I longed for as an engineer. (You can find more about it here.) And now I am gearing up to become an ECE, as in Emerging Creative Entrepreneur through this blog and my shop which I opened last April 2017

A Jack of All Trade…

Because of my different exposures in arts and crafts, I do not really have a focus category as an artist. My interest depends on what catches my eyes.

And with the birth of social media my hobbies expanded into different areas: painting, drawing, typography, décor, craft, photography, and so on. I just love pretty things especially handmade… Indeed, I am a Jack of all trades. But I won’t say that I am a master of none.

Why Ey to Zee?

Apparently, my blog title speaks about my passion for different categories in arts and crafts. Ey to Zee means Easy A to Z Arts and Crafts Ideas. Anything crafty and artsy will be posted in this blog. The main categories of this blog are Painting, Lettering, Drawing and Crafts.

My mission is to inspire other people with my artworks and deliver easy to follow DIYs, tips, and techniques in the cheapest possible way (in terms of crafting) because I am a frugal artist. Moreover, I will do eco-friendly crafts because part of my mission is to save our mother earth even in the simplest form through crafting.

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  1. Marylyn Relabo Marañon

    Ur an amazing artist I am so proud of u . Ur a role model to our family I love u dear aunt Anne❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love this!!! I too was in the tech field, I was an IT Director but now I no longer want to do that so I’m following my passion of DIYing. Great luck to you, I wish you all the success


    Thank you so much, Marianne. Your being an artist is one of my “Labod’s” inspirations for becoming an architect.

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