7 Reasons Why You Should Try Skillshare

Learning is a never ending process; things evolve, new techniques added, hi-tech gadgets, different approach of solving problem, and so on. And surely what we learned today may not be as applicable as it will be in a year or two. So we have to keep with the fast-pace of learning for us to excel in our chosen field or simply if we want to develop a new skill.

Good thing with the birth of the internet, learning can be done, anywhere  on the tip of our  finger. There are millions of classes  offered online that needs to be explored. There are classes for free and others that needs some fee. Some websites offers specific class. But you can also opt to websites where you can explore variety of classes such as Skillshare.


Skillshare is an online learning community where anyone can discover, take, or even teach a class.

I learned about Skillshare a long time ago but it was only last January when I took the plunged and try this online learning community. I was convinced enough to go for premium because I read a lot of recommendations to this website from different forums, which is mostly about creative venture. Plus it was a steal of a deal when I purchased the Skillshare  premium account. For a $0.99 value for three months and you can access all the classes.

7 Reasons Why I Love Skillshare and Why You Should Try It

  1. Trial Offer

    I know it’s hard to splurge money on things you are not sure if it is for you. Well Skillshare offers a trial offer. As I said I spent only $ 0.99 for premium amount good for three months. And as of this writing they are offering the premium account for FREE for one month. How’s that?

  2. Affordable

    The value of premium account is actually $96.00 for a year. For me it is inexpensive since you can access thousands of classes. And that’s unlimited. This is cheaper compare to enrolling to individual classes. Say for example, enrolling on an online lettering class from a sole teacher will charge you more or less $200.00. And that’s lettering class alone. If you want to enrol on how to digitize your art then it’s another hundred bucks.

    Well the classes is different though, I assume, there is more one on one guidance from your online teacher and [might be] more structured.  If you want to go to this kind of class then there’s nothing wrong except that you really have to spend more.

  3. Discussion and Project Area

    In Skillshare, there is also a discussion area and at the end of every class you are encourage to post your project.

    Since, I am new to this site (and introvert is playing a role within me) I wasn’t able to connect with the community yet. But I believe Skillshare is a platform where you can get great connections with other learners and teachers.

  4. Wide Variety of Classes

    They have different variety of classes to explore that mostly are in line with my interest, like: arts, blogging, photography, self-development, social media, cooking, crafting, business and a lot more. These categories are really what I am looking for to go for my creative entrepreneur path that I will be taking.

    For three months, I was able to learn and improve:  my fashion illustration, watercolor painting technique, drawing, lettering in different forms, digitizing my arts, how and where to sell my arts (though I’m still on the process of preparing my arts for sale), Instagram marketing, photography, blogging, writing and even developing my personality.

    Yes I was able to learn all that for $ 0.99 for three months!

  5. Short But Comprehensive Classes

    Most of the classes are short. Probably an average of one hour depending of the classes. This is perfect especially if you have a  very tight schedule. So a 30 minute to one hour class is perfect to fit in to your busy life.  But I can assure that within the short period of time you will really learn a new technique that will help you craft a better output.

    So far the longest class that I took is about selling in Etsy shop that takes about 4 hours but is is very comprehensive and worth taking.

  6. Available App and Download Classes

    No internet? No problem? because you can download the classes using the Skillshare App and watch wherever you are even there is no internet.

  7. Skillshare is Generous

    Originally, I don’t have a plan to cancel my account and willing to pay the amount since I do really love this site and I still want to explore and hone my skills through the classes offered. Unfortunately, I had a very tight budget for the month of April  due to the unexpected fee after the tax computation.  That sucks after all the hardwork I did last year I’ll end up paying that amount!

    Anyways, I was about to cancel my Skillshare premium account, I was surprised for they gave me another ONE more month period to enjoy the classes WITHOUT extra charge.

If you want to learn new skills, develop your skills then Skillshare is the place for you. As I said, you don’t need to spend even a penny for your first premium month. Because as of this writing they offered it for FREE. Grab this opportunity while it’s still offer. Register here!


** This post contains affiliate link. If you will register under my affiliate link you will still get the same price but you’ll give me a favor of extra free month for me for my premium account.

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