6 Ways on How We Repurpose Pallet


Repurposing pallet is one of the DIY trends for quiet sometime already. One reason is that you can get it for free. Although this is true in some part of the world but in Philippines, according to my sister, pallets are for sale. But I believe cheaper than buying lumbers. Luckily here in Canada, we can get it for free. The only thing is that you really have to be fast in getting pallets from stores especially summer because a lot of DIYer is scouting for it.

With the pallet, you can make different projects from a very simple one to a furniture that you would’t think it’s made out of pallet.  Check my Pinterest board about pallet projects.

But since this wood are not specifically made for furniture, you have to check if the pallet you are using has no pesticide or  not chemically treated that can harm your health. Check this blog post from 1001pallets, “How To Tell If A Wood Pallet Is Safe For Reuse?

6 Projects that We Made Out of Pallet

There are hundreds or even thousands of ideas you can do with pallet. But here are the 6 projects that we made, from simple to complicated DIYs. I said “we” because it is a collaborative effort of me, my sister and her hubby; but actually it’s her hubby that did all the hardwork. We only gave him the idea.

  1. Baby Gate.

    baby gate made out of pallet

    Why spend $100 for a baby gate which you will only use for a year or two? That’s the biggest question why we came up with the idea of having a baby gate made out of pallet. Besides we can use that pallet baby gate as a garden accessory or something if the baby will outgrow it.

  2. Fence

    fence made out of pallet

    For the safety of my adorable-terrible-2 niece, my sister’s hubby made a fence. So that she’ll stay within the backyard’s parameter. You know that stage moves and explores a lot. So better safe than sorry.

  3. Hexagon Picnic Table with Connected Bench

    hexagon picnic table

    This is really useful especially summer where we spend dinner outside or have a chit-hat with friends while drinking cold beer.

  4. Raise Garden

    raise garden
    I like raise gardens because it makes the garden looks neat. You know like you are organizing the plants to which goes to which box.

  5. A Vertical Garden

    vertical garden for petunia

    We love flowers, but it is only this year that we are getting crazy with flower garden and purchased petunia. And well blame it to Pinterest, there are just so many ideas for vertical planter for petunia.

  6. Office Table

    working desk
    For 4 years I’ve been using an old dresser as my office table. With dimension of the working area of 15 inches and 48 inches. Really had a hard time working on it. At that time I don’t want to purchase a new working table because I don’t know if I’ll stay for good in Canada. My option was to look in garage sale for cheap table but I’m not  lucky to have one. So we came up of table made out of pallet.

    The drawers are not made out of pallet. It is a drawer from an old desk that was thrown out from the office where my brother-in-law worked. The table wasn’t usable so he saved the drawers.

    Originally my color choice was white. But due to the black color of the drawer, I decided to go for a distressed black top surface, then white for the sides. Which actually turned out good. Actually I am glad that it’s black because at least I can’t see stains from paints which I usually work with for my art works.

    TIP FOR DISTRESSING: Paint surface with your color of choice. While it’s is still wet, wipe it with wet cloth. Let it dry. Once dried out paint it with your choice of stained color.

    distress painting technique


What I love about pallet furniture is that it’s rustic finish and of course I cannot emphasize more that we can get it for free. Repurposing pallet is definitely a DIY that we cannot miss to do during summer.

6 ways to repurpose pallet

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