father's day card

6 Easy to Make Father’s Day Cards

father's day card

Father’s Day is just around the corner. I know it’s just easy to go to stores and buy gifts or cards for your father. But isn’t it nice to do-it-yourself? Personally, personalize gift is better than ready-made gifts because you exerted effort and it is made with love.

But it’s just six days to go. Do you really have the time to do it?

Definitely, yes! You can even do it the day before the celebration. These six ideas of greeting cards for Father’s Day is so easy. In fact, I made all these cards in less than half an hour. And I bet materials can be found in your craft room or office.

Make this Easy Father’s Day Card

So let’s start with the coat and tie cards…

Coat Lapel Card

father's day card template-1Father's Day Card

All you need is a rectangle (I used 4 ” x 6″). Fold one corner towards (near) center. Secure it with glue. Make a slit for the lapel. Insert decorative card stock or a real handkerchief for dad. Draw some lines for more details. I used white Uniball Signo Gel Pen for the line details. Then glue it to a blank white card stock. (Template below)

Shirt and Tie Card

I use 4″ x 6″ card stock for the shirt. draw a line in the wrong side of the card stock about 1/3 inch from the edge. Using Xacto knife or cutter, cut a about an inch from the edge to the center using the pencil guide. Fold both corners and should meet in the center. This will be the collar of the t-shirt. Draw a tie using different colored or pattered card stock. the glue it on the shirt tucking in below the collar. (Template below)

father's day card shirt template
father's day card shirt father's day card shirt

Origami Shirt Card

This one is quiet tricky especially the sleeve part of the shirt.  But once you’ll get the trick you can never stop making this origami shirt. I made 9  actually. Full instruction at Martha Stewart website or watch this video.

shirt father's day card

Tie on a hanger

Use any wire as long as you can manage to form a mini hanger out from it (a large paper clip will do). Cut small ties in different colors or patterned card stocks. Arrange the ties on the hanger . Then secure them into the hanger using glue gun or double sided tape.

father's day card

Silhouette Tools

It’s not just about shirt and ties. We know fathers (in general) love their working tools too. So this card is all about tools.

Look for clipart of working tool that you’d like to display in your card. I chose pliers and hammer. Trace it on the cardstock. Using Xacto knife, carefully cut the edges creating a negative space of the drawing. Then glue a page from old book (you can also use different color that complements from the one where you cut the drawing). Then glue it on top of another card stock.

father's day card

Photo Frame Card

Draw a DAD with letter connected together. You can also choose font on any word processing or photo editor, just make sure that letters are connected. Cut it. Then add your picture or your dad’s picture. Make a stand out of paper clip by folding it. Or you can simply hang the “DAD” card.

father's day card

And that’s it! Six fun and easy to make Father’s Day card. Tell me which one you like best by leaving a comment below.

father's day card

13 thoughts on “6 Easy to Make Father’s Day Cards”

  1. I love all the cards! But my favorite of all is the Silhouette Tools card/design. Everything looks easy to do although I wonder if it will be easy for me should I try doing any of the designs 🙂 Great post!

  2. Nice crafty post sis! This is super helpful for those who like to give their dads something really special and personalized – a handmade card made with love. 🙂

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