Instagram accounts that scream happiness

5 Instagram Accounts that Scream Colors of Happiness

Instagram accounts that scream happiness

The meaning of happiness is relative to who you are, your background, or your desires in life. So when we are ask “what makes you happy?”  We may find ourselves with different answers.

But in this post I wouldn’t blah-blah-blah the list of what makes me happy.  Just only one! COLORS! Yes colors always make me happy. In fact, the blog title for my first craft blog is Colour.

I don’t have a specific color that I truly love. All of them are eye candy to my eyes. Even those neon colors.

The downside of liking all the colors though is that I cannot decide the color scheme for this blog. I cannot track down how many times I have changed the color palette for this blog.

I saved some mood boards on Pinterest for inspirations. One that catches my eyes is the fun bright colors. Which I guess a perfect reflection of this blog, Ey to Zee, ANYTHING about arts and crafts.

And also, I recently came across to an IG account with colors just popping on every post. I can’t stop browsing that account. For me it is full of life and screams happiness. So I ended up following those accounts and followed similar IGers. Well at least, this makes my IG feed bursting with colors.

Spell H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S…. Sorry I’m IG addict and so with colors!   

5 Instagram  Accounts that Scream Colors of Happiness

1. ohhappyday

 Party Ideas and DIY’s updated Fresh Daily!

A post shared by Oh Happy Day (@ohhappyday) on


Is indeed a happy day when you browse this IG account. The colors are just popping and inviting! Party time!

Apparently, my blog post title is influenced with this IG account.

2. houselarsbuilt

Artful living and making! On the blog: printable candygrams.



Aside from the colors, this IG account often shares about DIY that I’d really love to try.

 3. crafttherainbow

#CrafttheRainbow was started in 2014 by @houselarsbuilt. This account accept contributors . Photo below is by @splendid_rags



Should I describe more about this IG account?

4. thussfarell

THUSS & FARRELL Rebecca Thuss + Patrick Farrell. Photography / Design / Creative Direction / Styling / Crafting / Paper Flowers. NY. Upstate.


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I discover this account through their book at Amazon, “Paper to Petal: 75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Craft by Hand”. This is on my wishlist for a long time already. 

5. awhimsywonderland

Owned by Jen & Cort lifestyle bloggers



The child in me was jumping up and down and just want to play with these two gals. Looks like they are having so much with this whimsy wonderland!

Apparently, this bright colors win my taste… for now…. Hahaha… I know  have the tendency to fall on other color again. But for now I will be doing a rebranding of my boring Instagram, and other social media accounts into this fun colors!

Instagram accounts that scream happiness

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