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5 Eggciting Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs


Easter is just a week to go. I know my housemates may find me like a crazy woman collecting empty eggs for a month. Well a crafter’s mind (if not all, at least this describes me) has always this mindset  of saving things before throwing ‘coz we believe we can create something out of it. Kinda hoarder I know.

And my collections of eggs has been a target of attack of my two year old niece.

Easter Bunny

One day, while I was busy DIYing I noticed my niece was quiet. And as we all know when a toddler is in silent mode you’ll suspect something is exciting (well to their part) is happening. You’re right she was happily crumbling my fragile eggs.

All I blurted out is her favorite expression “Oh! No!” and she responded to me in just one word with exuberant face – “egg!”  how can you be mad with such cuteness. Anyway it’s just an egg, I still have a dozen. Besides I am doing this project for her egg hunting this Easter. No need to put chocolates since she can’t eat it.

So from 10 Eggciting Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs I lowered it to 5. I broke some eggs too!


Why DIY?

Although most of settle for those plastics eggs sold on supermarket, I believe there are some of us who prefers DIY. Reasons:

  •  It’s personalize and unique.
  • It’s a fun project and ideas are sky is the limit. If you’ll search it online you’ll find bunch of interesting craft. My choice are that project that has to be dyed naturally and that transfer design of silk fabric to the eggs.

  • More nature friendly considering that you don’t buy those plastic eggs.

5 Eggciting Ways to Decorate Your Easter Egg

Majority of these are painted eggs. I should have titled it “Different Ways to Paint Your Easter Eggs” but then I realized I have one project that is not painting related. So I settled on that title. Besides I do this project based on the availability of materials, apparently I have lots of paints.

Anyways, here are “eggciting” and easy ways on decorating your Easter Eggs.

Simple One Color Acrylic Paint

Painted Easter Eggs

I could have done better by designing the painted eggs. But I also love the simplicity of it – one bold color! I painted two coats of Deco Art Crafter’s Acrylic in each egg.

Golden Egg and Antiquing

Originally, I was thinking of foiling or gilding. But I don’t have the materials so I settled on using the Sophisticated Finishes Gold Metallic Surface. I love the result and it reminded me of the story of the goose laying golden egg.

Golden Egg

But I want to try the antique finish too. So I tried to use the Sophisticated Finishes Antiquing Solution. I forgot how to apply it. At first I applied to the dry painted gold egg but it didn’t work. So I took another egg and apply the Gold Metallic Surface paint and followed the Antiquing solution while it’s wet. The result, it’s like an egg covered with mud. LOL! But I love the effect though.

Golden Easter Egg

Marbling Effect

This is what it comes in mind first when I planned for this project since I do have lots of nail polishes that my sister do not use at all. Watch my time-lapse video via my Flipagram Account on how to do it.

My plan is to apply different color but to no luck some of the nail polishes dried out and I had a hard time taking out the polishes.

You need to be fast in doing this. And oh by the way the result is satisfying!

Marbling Effect Easter Eggs


Wrap It With Thread

Did I say I hate glue? Well it’s a messy kind of craft but as we all know glue is a must have for DIYer, so I have to embrace the gluey-ooeey-mess of it!

The next Easter Egg craft idea is wrapping it with thread. I suggest use yarn it’s way easier. But since I have embroidery thread and I love the shades of the violet I did opt of using it. I just hate the fact that I have to detangle the threads.

Wrap Egg with Threads

At first I used glue gun, but had a hard time gluing. Then I also tried applying a generous amount of glue on the egg’s surface. But some threads don’t stick on the surface. Then I decided to apply glue on the thread. This way it makes the wrapping easier.

TIP: don’t apply glue on the whole thread. Just put some whenever you are ready to use the part of the thread. (Hope this makes sense)

After wrapping the egg apply glue on top of the wrapped egg. This will secure the thread.

Loose Watercolor Floral Painting

My favorite. I had so much fun doing this.

Floral Watercolor Painting

If you are not into floral painting you can simply apply a drop of watercolor paint then use blow dryer to spread the colors on the surface. That’s what I did on the third egg (far right).


I can do more. But I ran out of egg. Better reserve some ideas for next year I guess.

Tell me which you like?


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