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10 Valentine’s Day Crafts You Can Make Using Paper

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for kids to get crafty. There are many options to get creative and experiments with art on the Heart’s Day – that includes handmade Valentine’s Day cards, gifts, and sweet treats. 

With easily accessible supplies and a little planning, the whole family or your students can have a fun day creating Valentine’s Day crafts. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day craft ideas to get you started.

1. Paper Cone Heart. Use a corrugated box as a heart-based, fill it with cone-shaped papers, and voila, you’ll make a wow-wall decor heart craft.

2. Easy Strips Heart. Cut strips of paper of 3 different lengths, group them in two, gather the ends and then turn them upside down and gather the other ends. You can use different colours of strips to make them more colourful.

3. Crumpled-Tissue Paper. Use a corrugated box as a base then fill it with cut tissue paper. Use different shades of red to create a dramatic ombre effect. 

4. Folded Paper Hearts. Cut heart shapes, fold them in and out alternately then punch a hole in the middle. Insert a wooden dowel as a stand.

5. Woven Heart. You’ll be surprised how strips of paper can be formed into a beautiful 3D woven heart. Watch the video.

6. Rose Heart. Another option for filling a heart base is loading it with paper roses. 

7. Paper Heart Flower. No budget for flowers? How about a bouquet of paper hearts? 

8. Paper Heart Accordion – Did you know that you can form a circle into a heart? No, you don’t need to cut into a heart shape. Fold it in and out like a fan and you’ll create an accordion heart.

9. Paper Hearts Wreath. Create multiple hearts using strips of paper then connect them together to create a cute heart wreath.

10. Vintage Heart Craft Using Old Books or Newspaper. A beautiful way to reuse old books or newspapers is to heart shapes and fill a heart base shape. 

So, tell me, which one do you like the most?

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