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Clay Sweater Ornaments

10 DIY Christmas Ornaments That Are Made Out Of Air-Dry Clay

Make Christmas decorations more meaningful with your loved ones through crafting using air-dry clay.

Air-Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

Air-dry clay is one of the most popular craft mediums for making Christmas ornaments. It is easy and very versatile and your kids will surely enjoy making Christmas crafts.

It is also quite simple to shape with cookie cutters. You can decorate it with objects you like, use various Christmas-themed stamps, or paint on it.

But if you want a challenging DIY Christmas decor, you can also make sculptures out of it.

With air-dry clay, you can unleash your creativity.

What Brand Of Air-Dry Clay to Used?

There are different brands of modelling clay that you can use. One of the popular brands is DAS Modelling Clay. I’ve been using it for several projects and I love it.

You can also make the clay using ingredients that you may have on hand like baking soda and glue.

Shocker, right?

Check our recipe to make it. There are two versions, the no-cooked and the other one is cooked air-dry clay.

It is inexpensive, simple to use, and air dries, so no kiln is needed to make it hard. The only downside with this DIY air-dry clay is that it cracks. So I used it for simple projects like Christmas tags.

Air-Dry Clay Ornaments

10 Air-Dry Clay DIY Christmas Ornaments and Decor

Here are some Christmas crafts ideas that you can make.

Christmas Sweater

For the Christmas season, try to create a warm and inviting atmosphere! Make your Christmas tree cozier with air-dry clay Christmas sweaters!

Clay Sweater Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Village for Christmas tree

Your Christmas tree will look festive with a village made of these adorable air-dry clay miniature houses! The driftwood added as an accent made this Christmas ornament perfect for rustic theme decor.

Clay Christmas Village Ornaments

Christmas Gift Tags and Ornaments

Consider using the Chinese Blue pattern on your air-dry clay ornaments to create a one-of-a-kind Christmas theme!

Air-Dry Clay Gift Tags

Chinese Blue Pattern Christmas Ornaments

Consider using the Chinese Blue pattern on your air-dry clay ornaments to create a one-of-a-kind Christmas theme!

Chinese Pattern Christmas Ornaments

Adorable Gnomes

Adding these adorable air-dry clay gnomes to your garden or home decor would undoubtedly give it a magical Christmas feel.

Air-dry Clay Gnomes

Stamped Clay Ornaments

These air dry clay decorations are really easy. Even a 3-year-old could make them.

Colorful Air-Dry Clay Ornaments

Learn how to make easy air-dry clay ornaments with this step-by-step tutorial that lets even the littlest elves create their own beautiful ornaments!

DIY Shooting Star Ornaments

If you are looking for neutral Christmas tree decorations then making some DIY air clay ornaments is the perfect solution. These simple DIY shooting star clay ornaments add the perfect Scandinavian Christmas touch.

Clay Stamped Word Ornaments

These clay-stamped word ornaments are the best! They are super easy and quick to make, add them to your Christmas crafting this season!

Worded Clay Ornaments

Play with words and air-drying clay to make these beautiful ornaments for your tree.

There are many more ways you can create ornaments made of clay. As you see from the list there are some DIY that is a little bit complex to make but there are also ornaments that you can easily do, like using cookie cutters and stamps and viola you’ll have beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments.

Anyways, hope you’ll find this list very helpful as you think of your next DIY for this Christmas.

And let me know which one is your favourite.

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